What’s in your wallet?

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Join us as we explore the world in our carbon-neutral, 4x4 expedition vehicle called The EcoRoamer. We are happy to share our travel adventures, family memories and homeschooling experiences as we journey down the road less traveled.

What’s in your wallet?

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Great buildup but I cant even imagine a $ number big enough to pay for it. What did it run to build?

 Probably the number one question we get asked, though I’m really not sure why!?

My standard answer is: “Two years of my life” – but, if you really want to know, the exact answer (roughly) is all in our spreadsheets on the EcoRoamer website, HERE.

Remember, that as Doug Hackney wisely says: “this was like the first pancake on Sunday morning.” — so if we (or you) did it again, substantial costs could be saved by eliminating all the mistakes and R&D we “invested in”.

Now you know.


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