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Join us as we explore the world in our carbon-neutral, 4x4 expedition vehicle called The EcoRoamer. We are happy to share our travel adventures, family memories and homeschooling experiences as we journey down the road less traveled.

EcoRoamer in the news

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Jalopnik’s coverage of the Eco-Roamer is now online
http://jalopnik.com/5514798/ecoroame…of-survival-rvThe article offers more details than the typical Jalopnik article,
with lots of photos and a video. There’s even a plug for its debut
at Overland Expo. Congratulations, Jay!

 Thanks for the plug!

Yes, a very exciting day today. The story also got picked up by WIRED Magazine, Gizmodo, and Petersen’s 4×4.

Lot’s of fantastic questions & suggestions from interested people… and several of the usual “That thang ain’t got nothin compared to my ’87 pick-up and shoot, I got a extra 45 gallon drum of dino juice out back in case I run out” comments. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Overland Expo.


EcoRoamer on TV TONIGHT!

We’re on Jalopnik!

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