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Dirty, dirty, dirty!

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I’d like to see that truck travel around the world for 3 years on only BIODIESEL. with such a cheeky sticker on the fuel tank, i sure hope they never put a single drop of dirty diesel in that truck.

good luck finding biodiesel every 750 miles.

 …Actually, I put “Dirty Diesel” in it yesterday, 130gal of it. Our goal is to run on B100 (100% sourced from renewable bio materials) whenever we can. I even have an iPhone app to help us locate BioDiesel as we go. (this one!)

However, when Bio is not available (e.g. in the entire state of Texas, except Austin) I vote for using Dirty Diesel over pushing. I’m sure we’ll be faced with that decision many times in South America, Africa, etc…

Should I put duct tape over the humorous bumper sticker (below) everytime I fill up with Dirty Diesel? Personally, I don’t think so, and I apologize in advance if it’s lack of current accuracy offends anyone.

My conscience is only slightly relieved by the knowledge that the CO2 I spewed into the air over Texas is equivalent to the amount of CO2 I kept from going into the air elsewhere through my recipirocal investment in a Wind Power farm in Oklahoma. (Not that I’m suggesting that carbon credits are perfect or even equivalent, but like the bumper sticker, it’s about the intention & the effort)

Lastly, just for the record…

Before we built the EcoRoamer, Alice and I bumped around South East Asia in our non-turbo, 2.7L Toyota Land Cruiser. I pee’d on many a tree while camping in that truck. In fact, it was so slow you could even probably pee on a tree while driving down the road. While slow it may have been, it also got 20+ mpg. However, I’m pretty sure my kids, their clothes, toys and 3yrs worth of home schooling materials wouldn’t fit in the Land Cruiser. They do however fit in the EcoRoamer since we decided to combine the shower/toilet area. We did so knowing that there is a second bathroom in the EcoRoamer with a dedicated shower… it’s the one outside.



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