Roll your own!

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Roll your own!

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The roll up door is brilliant. Does it allow you to close off the area when the poptop is down, preventing items stored up there from falling? Access to the roof also has to be a great advantage when you need to clean the solar panels.

Hi Travelmore,

Sorry for the VERY late reply to your question…

The roll up door is one of my very favorite design elements of the truck. We thought about it for months and months, trying to find a good solution and then one night around 4 in the morning this came to me. It’s so cool to actually see it in action and working now.

It allows us to put the pop-top up or down without ever being exposed to the outside elements.

As you can see in the above picture, the door can be released to provide access the roof / solar panels. As you can see here:

The post in the middle was for our massive Burning Man mobile (didn’t work!) but makes use of standard anchor points that I’ve built in to the roof for: wind turbines, sculptures, camera rigs, helipads, etc…)

To answer your question though: NO – the door does not close off the kids area when it is down. While I agree with you that it would have kept things from falling out, we wanted the kids to be able to go/sleep up there without putting the top up, if they had to.

What’s not working:
– The door track needs more lubrication grease or some nylon, to make it slide up/down easier. (easy to fix)

– The door needs some better weather sealant to keep the draft out. (we just ran out of time to install this, but still will)


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