Approaching the ‘finish’ line

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Approaching the ‘finish’ line

We made a lot of great progress over the past week. While most of Elkhart county are working “4-10’s” these days, Jeff & the guys have been working almost “7-12’s” for the past 3+ weeks.

The good news is that the end is almost in sight…

We got the entire camper insulated now. Most of it was done with spray polyeurethane “Handi Foam”:

It is pretty great stuff, that expands to fill every single crevice and give a tight seal of 2″ thick insulation.

(NOTE: Handi Foam is within the international guidelines for protection
of the ozone layer, and with respect to the Montreal Protocol,
1987, and other environmental guidelines, utilizing a nonflammable
HFC (not-CFC) blowing agent)

After it is blown in (wall on the LEFT), we trim the excess with a sawz-all so it looks like this (wall on the RIGHT):

At the same time, Paul took my Napkin scratches and started fabb’ing the entrance steps:

Here they are – Less than 4in thick when stored, and over 30″ drop when deployed:

We can make them any length if anyone wants a set for their truck! Very light, very strong, very thin, very cool.

Then Leon & his guys at Home & Mobile Energy finished up all the wiring, and installed the breaker panels and controllers for the solar panels.

I agree with Jason’s comment above that it looks like there’s loads of gadgetry in the truck. Much more than I initially wanted actually… but our goal was to power the entire truck, remotely, with minimal use of the generator.

So we wound up with:
– Dual 200A alternators
– 8.5 kW diesel generator (for shady days & if we need to run the washer – yes, there is a washer – remember 2 kids full-timing for 2 years = a lot of laundry)
– 8 Lifeline 12V batteries, ganged in 4 pairs of 24v each
– 8 Sanyo 195W solar panels
– 2 Outback 2kW inverters
– 1 60Hz 120v shore power transfer switch & battery charger
– 1 50Hz 240v shore power transfer switch & battery charger

It looks something like this:

I’ll post final pics when I have them. (it’s now done, I just don’t have pics yet)

…and finally, at long last the furniture/cabinetry is starting to go in. Today, they installed the kids beds and cabinets!

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days.

OR, follow along for the full scoop and up to the minute pictures on Twitter via @ecoroamer.


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