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Spam powered trucks

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What we need is a Spam powered car.

Mythbusters disproved the water powered car thing, but used summer sausages as rocket fuel.

I honestly don’t even know how to reply to the whole HHO suggestion…

Personally, I quite like Mythbusters. I wouldn’t call them ‘great science’ but they are at least good fun.

Just to present both sides of the argument (I can’t believe I’m sticking up for blatant spammers) but, here’s a YouTube video disproving the Mythbusters disproving the HHO…


However, there is something we are looking at, that may be of more interest…

We have started conversations with the guys over at EV Power Systems. They have developed an interesting Electric Hybrid Drive system that can be retrofited onto a truck at the driveshaft, behind the engine/transmission.

They already have a working system for pick-up trucks, and are finishing development for a garbage-truck / courier-truck platform.

We have a substantial bank of batteries sitting in the camper, which are generally unused while the vehicle is in motion. This might be an interesting way to leverage the untapped potential energy in those batteries to run two electric helper motors to improve fuel efficiency. The batteries would be recharged by regenerative braking.

It’s very early days, but something we’re looking at…

They are an early stage tech start-up, and may appreciate being associated with the EcoRoamer project anyhow. We could serve as a great test bed, taking one of their systems around the world to show how it works in all conditions.

Stay tuned, I’ll certainly post more details if we take it forward…


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