Back Again

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Back Again

Hello All,

I hope that everyone is doing well, and that the January blues aren’t getting you down too much!

Well, Bob is absolutely right, I am WAY over due to post an update on the progress of the EcoRoamer build, but it has been a bit of a crazy few months. Here’s what has been going on…

My Mother-in-Law (who is an amazingly strong and loving woman/mother/grandmother) has unfortunately gotten quite ill, and so we made the family decision to relocate to be closer to her. Which means that after 14 fantastic years in Singapore, we’ve packed up our lives and moved to New Jersey. (I know, huge upgrade!)

That meant that I spent most of December madly scrambling in Singapore to (sniff!) sell my Jeep, sell my Land Cruiser, and pack our entire existence into a shipping container to go across the ocean.

Of course on the other end, there was house hunting, mortgage arranging, and container unloading.

So needless to say, it has been pretty busy and the truck got put on the back burner for a little while.

However, our amazingly dedicated group of guys in Sturgis have been working away on the project (Thanks Jeff, Matt, Scott & Bob!) and so it hasn’t been a complete waste of time. Also, now that I am “closer” I’ve been able to work more easily with them and so things are starting to accelerate.

Over the next few posts I’ll update you on what’s been going on. Aside from the truck itself though, the other big news is that I’ve been spending my evenings working on the NEW website, and I think it is finally ready to reveal to all-important ExPo community. If you have the chance, please stop by and visit:

Like the rest of the project, the site follows our philosophy of ‘open source’ so it is built (by me) using the free Drupal platform, and all of our project documents are on there for you to use in your own future endeavors.

Thanks to all of you for your great support and comments / questions over the past few months. Sorry to have been so silent. We’re back now though, and you should be hearing a lot more about the project over the next few weeks.


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