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Bed tents

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I have been enjoying following your build, thanks for sharing so many details. Now I have a question ….
I noticed you have a fold out tent room. Is this a standard RV part that can be purchased and installed as a kit or assembly, or was this custom built ?


on edit: I just found the answer to my question on page 19, man this is a BIG post.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

…And yes you’re right, back on Page 19 I talked about the bed tent. We’ve since mounted it, slept in it and it’s fantastic.

The tent itself is from Cascade Designs, and is the same one used by several RV manufacturers. They are not really set up to sell one-offs, but Rick Klug, is a fellow ExPo member and was incredibly helpful.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but here are his contacts if you want to order one for your build:
Rick Klug
Cascade Designs
Specialty Sales Manager
888-801-5335 ext 1497

That just gets you the tent, You still need to build the actual door to mount it on. In our case we used Nappanee Windows (who build the same door for several of their RV Manufacturer clients) – but I understand that they are going through some rough times, and I’m not sure if they’re choice again at the moment…

There’s nothing particularly rocket science about the door though, so I’m sure you could build your own.

Here’s what the bed tent looks like deployed:


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