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Give me some skin!

…and then there was skin!

The Alucobond is going on today. We’re using some VERY strong BASF aluminum aircraft adhesive. We’ll see what it’s like.

The Alucobond itself is 4mm thick with an insulating type material between the two aluminum faces.

It uses 80% recycled materials and comes in a variety of colours. The material is pretty lightweight considering it’s considerable strength. You can radius it a little, or trench out a section of the filler and one face and then radius tight corners.

We’ve decided to keep it all flat, and have as few seems as we thought possible. Then we’re using a 90 degree rounded extruded aluminum peice to cap the edges. I’ll show that in a future post when they’re on.

We also got the entry stairs filled in today:

The idea is that we’re going to cut big holes in the risers and put wood doors over them to make storage space for shoes/boots behind each step. The steps themselves will be covered with the same 2mmmarine floor laminate as the rest of the camper.


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