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Jay congratulations on the big milestone.

What are the dimensions of the floor? What (if anything) will be mounted underneath the floor? What are the larger gaps aft of the rear tires for?


Hi again,

The main camper body will be 17 ft long. Then at the rear there is an additional 18″ of “vestibule” where we will store our spare tire, bikes, etc. The vestibule is closed in with a toy-hauler style ramp door that lowers down 90 degrees, and then has a Fiamma awning and privacy room that can enclose it in to make a separate kids play room. There is a door leading into the camper from there.

So in total it is 18.5′ – When it was at 17ft we were aiming for about 33 degress departure angle. With the new 18″ on the back, we’re slightly below 30 degrees. However, given the size of the truck, I suspect we’ll hit my limit far before we hit the truck’s limit. (I have a Jeep Wrangler for my offroad thrills, I don’t need to drive my house through the Moab trails)

The gap behind the axle is where the cutout for the 2 steps down are going to be. The guys felt it was better to build it as a single unit, and then chop those out, rather than build it with the notch in the first place.

The finished unit will look something like this:

Stay tuned for results of the stress test…


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