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Body Mount

Thanks as always for your feedback, this time on the body mount.

A couple of comments:

  • We have built it using 6061 Aluminum.

  • In my pictures you might be able to make out that under the frame rail tabs there are much thicker / softer rubber pucks with thick washers below, to do the equivalent of JS’s springs. Now they don’t have JS’s recommended 3″ of travel, far from it, but we’ll try it out and I’m open to replacing those (cheap and easy) if it turns out they don’t give enough play.

  • I’m hoping that with my air-bag suspension, and each (rear) wheel having an independent leveller valve – that I should have significantly better wheel articulation that Rob Gray does with his 6×6 with leaf suspension. This should prevent the “wheel hanging up in the air” for most situations, but also reduce the amount of twist that gets absorbed in the frame (and camper) as opposed to the suspension.

  • The top rail that you see in the picture will be welded directly to the camper cross-members. The bolts through the pucks joining the two rails together will come from the bottom, so that theoretically with a couple of wrenches (and a couple of forklifts), and the camper should lift right off the chassis.

Ultimately though, we’re going into this a little blind and are going to test the heck out of it first. We’re building the floor this week, will attach it to the body mounts and strap down some serious weight onto it. Then we’re going to go drive it around a local rock quarry and see how it all flexes. Then we’ll know if we need to go back to the drawing board or move on…

I’ll definitely let you know!


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