The Pass-through

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The Pass-through

Hi Again,

Ever since we started this project there has been a lot of discussion / debate around the pass-through from the cab to the camper.

We knew we wanted to have a way to go between them, but the question was always “how big?”

We could go the Class-C style of a huge opening, which makes the cab feel like a part of the living space.

Like this:

We liked this, but that meant that we would have to lock the two sub-assemblies together, and we knew we wanted them to float free of each other. Also, given that we were already slicing the cab, we wanted to retain as much of the structural rigidity as possible.

The other end of the spectrum is a ‘crawl-through’ like you find on the Unicats.

Like this:

This is good for keeping the noise / thermal leakage down, but is a real pain for anyone bigger than a kid to go back and forth through a dozen times a day.

So in the end we decided on a compromise, something big enough to walk through, but still with the flexibility of a bellows tunnel.

Start with a standard pickup rear window:

Cut a big hole in it:

Then panel up the sides, and create a flat surface for mounting the bellows:

In the end it is 26″ wide and almost the full height of the cab. We left the top and bottom structures in place to retain the strength.

The bellows we chose are a 5″ – 15″ accordian seal from Uni-Grip.

We’ve designed the camper such that the bathroom door serves a dual purpose. In the “open” position it covers the pss-through flush and can be padlocked from the inside in order to seal off access to the camper when we are shipping the vehicle, etc.

Now all we have to do is just build the camper behind it! – the “easy” part! 😉


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