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Pass Through Ideas

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the great suggestions and pics. Great input as always…

A few comments in response to some of your points:

  • We are planning on the cab being a part of the ‘living area’ of the camper, so would much prefer a ‘walk-through’ than a ‘wiggle-through’ type hole. The challenge comes in how big is too-big.
  • The cab itself is going to floating on an air-ride set-up (hinged at the front) so it is going to float & bounce a fair bit. Then the camper itself is on a floating subframe (though not as much motion given the stiffened chassis) So, pinning the two units together will not work. We have planned on a rubber bellows between the two, forming a short ‘tunnel’. This pretty much eliminates the possibility of cutting the roof (as in the Host Class C pictures)
  • To “help” with the thermal leakage on the windshield and side windows, I had a great set of insulated curtains made from EasyCurtain. The fit all around the cab at night, and will hopefully help a little. (very friendly people, btw)
  • My current plan had been for the bathroom door (which is just inside the camper at the front wall) to lock in the ‘open’ position – essentially blocking the passthrough hole and forming a solid barrier to entrance. We need to work out the dimensions of the hole to see if the door can actually do that.
  • I like some of the suggestions of a ‘plug’ that fits into the hole from the cab, but it feels like it would be a bit of a pain to take in/out and carry around if you want to go back into the camper a few times a day. In that way a pocket door or something is appealing, but engineering that within the cab (end of the tunnel) might be hard.

I was even considering a simple solution like a couple of moving blankets hung and velcro’d on the inside of the passthrough to form a sound/thermal barrier that can be tied aside when we’re stationary.

We’re going to work on this over the next couple of days and hopefully come up with something that works really well.

Thanks all for your help. Some really great ideas.


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