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Pass-through Advice?

Hi Giuys,

Looking for some advice from others who have designed / lived-with a passthrough from the cab to the camper.

We’re currently deciding on how big the ‘hole’ should be, and I’m starting to worry about thermal / noise leakage. There will be about a 5″ gap between the cab and the camper, with a rubber bellows surrounding it. The cab has lots of sound insulation, but I’m concerned that it will be useless if the noise leaks in from the pass-through.

So, if you have a pass-through in your vehicle – How big a problem is this?

How have you solved it? I’ve seen a foam ‘plug’ for the hole, but that doesn’t seem very elegant.

Also worried about security and the ability to ‘close off’ the camper from the cab, when shipping the vehicle, which makes me think that smaller is better than bigger on this.

I’m open to any/all suggestions.


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