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Join us as we explore the world in our carbon-neutral, 4x4 expedition vehicle called The EcoRoamer. We are happy to share our travel adventures, family memories and homeschooling experiences as we journey down the road less traveled.

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What transmission are you using?


I wanted to bring up another issue that I think you should be aware of…


Does your motor and trani have them? You might be wise to see if you can replace the pump for a strictly mechanical one! I know this seems like a backward progression, however…The farther away you get from the old USA…The less likely you will finding a mechanic that can help you. On the other hand, I’d bet you can find a GOOD Bosch pump mechanic in every country in the world.

This is very relevent for me at this present time due to the ALLISON HELL I’m going through with Libelula right now.

I like your ECU idea. I will ask CAT about that when we take the truck in to them. I had an ECU die on my Wrangler and I can’t believe what it cost. They had to order one in from the States (we were in Singapore) and it took forever. Good idea.

TRANSMISSION – We have the Allison 6-spd auto. What is wrong with Libby’s? PM me…



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