finished bumper!

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Join us as we explore the world in our carbon-neutral, 4x4 expedition vehicle called The EcoRoamer. We are happy to share our travel adventures, family memories and homeschooling experiences as we journey down the road less traveled.

finished bumper!

Who says you can’t be “eco-friendly” and “mean-looking” at the same time!?

Here’s a picture of the just finished Bull Bar…

I’m really happy with how it came out!

  • just to give a sense of size, those are 8″ lights in the center!

  • there’s a Warn 16.5ti winch hidden behind the bumper.

It was custom built by Layne Wright at Denver Offroad Bumpers [tel: (970)464-5566] He’s already got at least one more order off the back of this one. I researched around and couldn’t find any good alternatives for the F-650, so we went down this route. Layne was recommended to me by MarcXP on ExPo.

The truck is now finally in Tulsa to have the axles changed and the frame stretched. Stay tuned…


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