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Heavy Weight Champion!

Originally Posted by charlieaarons

Rob, I didn’t know 365/80R20 MPT81s went that high. I thought they just went to 152K. But I doubt even 17520 in the rear will be enough. My U500 absolutely maxed out ready to travel is 8100kg in the rear or 17800 lb. His camper is roughly 10% longer than mine and he has the crewcab and a half.
Weight is always the biggest issue!


I agree that weight is a heavy issue on this one! (pardon the pun)

We are running the 365 MPT81’s in a super single format front / rear. We chose these because of two reasons:
1) Anybody I spoke to / read – who had run both XZL & MPT81, said that the MPT’s run smoother, straighter, quieter.
2) Michelin’s entire 20″ XZL stock for the next 12 months has already been booked by the USA Army for Iraq. We tried to scrounge together 5 pieces, but ultimately thought it a bad idea to commit ourselves to a tyre with limited future availability possibly.

No doubt, the tires will be our weakest point.

Here’s how the rest breaks down:

MPT81 tyres = rated at 17520 per axle = 35,040 lbs
Wheels = upgraded from Alcoas to 2-piece solid disc steel wheels

Front axle = upgraded to Meritor 14,000 lb drive axle
Rear axle = upgraded 21,000 lb LSD axle
Total = 35,000 lbs (I know… it’s not split 50/50)

The truck is technically rated for 26,000 lbs from Ford
In addition to the axles, we’re reinforcing the frame (sleeved)
Actual capability???

I’m keeping a spreadsheet with all the crap we’re putting in to the vehicle, including furniture, the shell, and liquids. My current calculation puts it at: 19,000 lbs – which is probably wrong. Even if we up that by 33% it’s still 25,750 lbs — so I’m hoping that we should be ok!

No doubt it’s going to be a heavy beast though…


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