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Plans for the cab…

Originally Posted by Joaquin Suave

A quick question…Do you have plans to use the cab for anything other than place for you and your family to sit while on the road?

Yes! It’s a huge space, so we’ve got equally big plans…

We’ve got Alton doing the conversion work on the cab after Tulsa are finished with it.

They will be:

  • Stretching out the cab by 22″ and putting a pass through into the camper
  • Swapping the rear bench for 2 captains chairs
  • Mounting all 4 captains chairs on swivel bases so the front two can turn to face the kids in the rear, and the rear two can spin around to face to fold-down desks on the rear wall.
  • ‘Flattening’ the floor (eliminating the humps) to carry the camper floor through into the cab to make it feel like part of the living space

Any other ideas for us?

PS – Forgot to mention, we’ve still got your lock hasps on the list of items for the cab doors. We need to get those from you at some point!


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